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On November 5, 2017
the Institute of Molecular Biology NAS RA is organizing an
International workshop "BOYAJYAN READINGS"

The workshop in Genomics, Immunomics and Bioinformatics of human complex diseases
is dedicated to Prof. Anna Boyajyan, DSc, PhD who had significant contribution in promoting
and strengthening research and education in the field of molecular and cellular biology in Armenia.
The workshop is aimed at integration and extending of current understanding of the role of
gene-environment interaction in development and progression of human complex diseases. The special focus of the
workshop is discussion of the role of genetic variations, immune system deregulation in complex diseases
as well as the use of contemporary omics/computational biology techniques in biomedical research.

Prof. Anna Boyajyan
Being involved in science directly from the university, defending her PhD thesis in 1986, and receiving doctor of science degree in 1997, from 2006 Anna Boyajyan became the head of the Laboratory of Human Genomics and Immunomics and Director of the Institute of Molecular Biology. Her research was focused on molecular and cellular pathomechanisms of cell activity alterations leading to autoimmunity, (auto)inflammation, aberrant apoptosis, changes in brain-blood barrier integrity and defects in synaptic/neuronal plasticity in a spectrum of human complex diseases such as schizophrenia, posttraumatic stress disorder, ischemic stroke, myocardial infarction, diabetes, etc. She is an internationally acknowledged scientist, holder of many national and international grants, the author of more than 370 scientific publications and received a number of prestigious international and national awards for contribution in science and technology.

Anna Boyajyan was also actively involved in the education and career development of young generation of researchers. She established and supervised the Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology of the International Scientific and Educational Centre NAS RA. During her scientific career she supervised 20 PhD- and more than 30 graduate students.

For participation, please register online by choosing the "Registration" option from the menu on the left.

Number of participants is limited to 60.
Registration is on a "first come, first served" basis.

The deadline for registration is October 30, 2017.

The workshop will be held in English.
Participation is free of charge.