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PhD in Molecular and Cellular Biology

Program description
The ultimate aim of PhD program in Molecular and Cellular Biology (MCB) offered by the Institute of Molecular Biology NAS RA is to provide, for each student, individual depth of experience and competence in the chosen major specialization; understanding of a substantial body of knowledge which is at the forefront of the academic discipline; the development of such skills as critical analysis, evaluation and synthesis of new and complex ideas, as well as other qualities and transferable skills that will enable them to continue self-education after formal training, to undertake new research at an advanced level and to serve his or her field productively through a long career.

If you're prepared to embark on a challenging, focused, and meaningful experience, we invite you to explore the possibilities in our PhD Program.

Our program is designed to develop outstanding scholars for MCB in research and teaching at leading academic institutions.

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The objective of the MCB program is to facilitate the development of independent and highly motivated students into creative molecular and cellular biologists. Students acquire a broad knowledge about current developments in MCB, learn to be effective scientific communicators and are trained to perform independent scientific research.
Research areas include Genetics, Cell Biology and Virology, Molecular Enzymology, Microbial Genetics, Plant genetics, Molecular and Cellular Immunology, Membranology, Neurobiology, Ethnogenomics and Bioinformatics.

PhD students/research applicants must accumulate 180 credits from the courses in major and minor, internships, participation in conferences and seminars.

Admissions Requirements
Master's degree or Diploma Specialist's degree in Biology or Biochemistry or other equivalent degree (bachelor is not sufficient).

Admission examinations
  •  specialization examination questionnaire
  •  foreign language examination (English, French or German)
  •  quiz (Informatics and/or Computer literacy test)

The program is launched at the Institute of Molecular Biology of NAS RA in 2018-2019 academic years.

Career Opportunities
Alumni from the PhD program have pursued a variety of career paths. Our graduates have held postdoctoral research positions at academic research institutions or in the biotechnology industry in Armenia and abroad.

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09 November 2018