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Genome Bioinformatics for Health
Wild east workshop vol.2
July 3-4, 2019


Bioinformatics and genomics have proven their ability to change the paradigm in biomedical research and discovery of innovative diagnostics and medicine. With the launch of the Armenian Genome Project, these multidisciplinary scientific fields will become the main drivers of the development of basic and applied biomedical research and establishment of precision medicine in Armenia.

This is the second workshop, organized as part of the joint projects "PathwayMaps" and "oBIG: Partner Initiative in Bioinformatics, Systems Medicine and Health" between the Interdisciplinary Centre for Bioinformatics of Leipzig University and the Bioinformatics Group of Molecular Biology NAS RA. The workshop is partially funded by the German Ministry for Education and Science and RA Committee of Sciences grant to the Russian-Armenian University.

Main topics

For details and to register, please visit the workshop webpage.

Registration deadline is: June 24.


Organizing committee

Arsen Arakelyan, IMB NAS RA
Hans Binder, IZBI
Henry Loffler-Wirth, IZBI
Roksana Zakharyan, IMB NAS RA, Russian-Armenian University
Maria Nikoghosyan, IMB NAS RA
Lilit Nersisyan, IMB NAS RA
Siras Hakobyan, IMB NAS RA